Run With Joy

Maybe it's because I was raised in Vancouver, the city known for it's proximity to gorgeous mountains, beautiful ocean, and well, rain. And lots of it. Accompanied by grey skies. I don't know what it is, but anytime the light turns just a little bit darker and I feel a cool moisture in the air, I immediately think about a run. 

I actually like running in small, shallow puddles.  The rain hitting my face and dribbling down my shirt? LOVE IT!  

As I run through the streets with cars driving by, windshield wipers swiping back and forth madly across their windscreens, and I see people peering through the glass with a look that says, "What crazy fool would be running in this?", I smile to myself and think, "Yes, I am SO a runner."  Plus, is it just me that thinks that this is as close as any 'normal' person is going to get to being one of those inspirational Nike commercials?


    Chatting about the joys and tribulations of running....and how it opens your heart.


    July 2009



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